Sunday, September 18, 2011

January Parents

A baby is due today.
We met with the very young couple yesterday--
they are confident as they approach
the threshold of Parenthood
for the first time.
As we listen to the baby's heart
and check his position,
the dad-to-be is
he looks up with a smile or two
every once in awhile,
then goes back to whomever has
his attention.

They have no questions.
Taken no classes--
not on birth
not on parenting
not on anything.

Mama is content
in her world--
"I trust my body to do this." she says.

I firmly believe she will have the birth she needs.
Whenever that time is...
it's not soon, tho.
Not tonight.

What about you?
Did you take any kind of birth or parenting class
before you had your child?


  1. I took lamaze classes. But I wish I'd done the Bradley method. It makes more sense to me.


  2. We took the childbirth class offered by the hospital where I was having my first baby. In retrospect, it prepared me very well for the medicalized version of birth that most often happens in the hospital, but not at all for the kind of birth I was hoping to have (and didn't have). After that, I just did my own reading and online research and educated myself. My next two birth experiences were much better. Then I took my doula training course. My next birth (a home birth 7 weeks ago) was my best yet.


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