Sunday, October 16, 2011

Getting Ready for Childbirth

The last weeks of pregnancy
should have a special title
all it's own...
a name that evokes images
of Nobility
the Queen of Everything
is about right.

As many women I know in
blogland are preparing for
I thought I might
offer some words of wisdom
and encouragement.

First, you are Beautiful
Whatever the scales say is irrelevant.
If you've gained weight then that means
you are a Good Mother already to that
little one inside;
the glow of pregnancy is not just stuff
of novels and myths.
It's real...the glow of creation shows thru your eyes.

As you get closer to birth
make sure you stay hydrated.
Many women start to limit
their fluid intake because they feel
the pressure on their bladder.
BUT a hydrated uterus is an efficient one
and your labor will be easier.
SO drink up and stay close to a bathroom
in the last weeks.

Make sure you're eating 6 small meals a day.
Your diet affects the baby.
You'll need energy for birth
and so will the baby.
So eat well and eat often.

Rest. Rest. Rest.
Take catnaps if you have little ones
at home.
Plop them down for naps with you
or plop them in front of the TV and you
rest on the sofa.
If someone offers to take the kids for an hour
or an afternoon,
Accept that offer!
If someone offers to bring dinner in,
don't say, "No, that's okay."
Say,"Yes, Thank you!"

When you have Braxton-Hicks ctx
practice your relaxation breathing techniques!
Welcome each wave
and ride it completely thru...
the more ctx you have before actual labor
the better primed your cervix will become.

Sleep on your left side.
Don't lean back into the lazy boy,
but sit in a supportive chair where
you can lean forward with your
beautiful belly hanging in front of you--
Because gravity is your friend
and it'll pull the baby to the centerline
helping hm/her to get in the optimal
birth position.

Make sure your hospital bag is ready to go
and includes some honeystix
you'll like those for a burst of energy
in labor!
Make sure Dad's bag has some treats in it too--
power bars yes
power drinks with caffeine no...
many a dad has come crashing down
in labor...
so be wise.

Finally, review your Birth Plan
to make sure you've written everything
down that you would like in optimal conditions.
And remember to be flexible
if you don't get it all in case of a medical reason.
Trust Birth.
Be confidant in your Strength
in your Courage
in your Womanhood.

You're the Queen of Everything.


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