Monday, August 27, 2012

She Blew Dandelion Wishes

This is my favorite kind of writing to do...
a Birth Story.

I got a text early Friday morning:
"Just a heads up: it's looking like today's the day."
-from Composed Mama A.

I love getting those kinds of texts and phone calls
when a momma is ready to have a baby.

I went ahead and got ready for the day
and got the yahoos off to school,
ran over and checked on
the other Post-partum Momma
I've been working with the past couple of weeks.

Composed Mama A. and I were in constant contact
and she knew to call me when her body said
the time was nigh to go to the hospital.
Three hours later, another text:
"I'm terrible at timing ctx and I'm getting really erratic times,
but the ones I am feeling are long and getting intense.
Do you think we should head to the hospital?"

I responded with a simple, "Yes."
And then quickly finished up what I was doing--
which was making eggs for two little ones
at the other Momma's house,
and headed over to meet Mama A. and Papa M.
I was their doula just over a year ago,
and shared their first birth story over here.
So, I was and still am,
to be asked to attend another birth.

Mama A. was much the same disposition as the first birth--
composed, focused, relaxed.
She didn't move around hardly at all--
content to sit on the bed,
legs to the side,
and quietly breathing
in through her nose
and out through her mouth,
eyes closed,
and a heavenly peaceful look on her face.
It was hard to tell she was in active labor.

IN fact, she was already dilated to 6cm upon arrival at the hospital,
she'd gone through early labor
in the comfort of her own home.

In between contractions,
we would engage in small talk,
but follow her cues
as another wave would present itself
and she calmly let it go through her;
surprising her attending nurse with
her quiet responses and relaxed demeanor,
which perfectly matched the calm August morning.

Mama A. drank some ice water,
took a small bite of a rice cake,
and rested her head back on a pillow
between contractions.
Papa M. ever near her side,
whispered treasured words
for her ears only,
and lightly glided his fingers over her limbs,
to relax and comfort her.
There was never a wasted word between them.
They were thoughtful and respectful of one another
and in every way showed a mutual gratitude
towards the other.

Her labor progressed very quickly,
and we only knew of the increased intensity
when Mama A declared,
after quietly breathing away another wave,
"That was really intense."

I looked at my watch and timed the next few contractions:
they were lasting nearly or just over-- two minutes
and allowing only a 10 second rest between.
Her body was working to capacity.
Just a little over 10 minutes later,
she said what we all love to hear:
"I feel the pressure to push."

I went out and got our attending nurse, Farrell,
to come and check Mama A.'s progress.
At first check,
Farrell determined Mama A's cervix was at an 8--
and two contractions later,
she was checked again
and was complete and ready for delivery!

( I love this part!)

The Doc was just outside the door,
so he just walked right in,
sat down and within just a few minutes,
he was prepping for the delivery.

By this time,
Mama A began to push,
and we were her cheerleaders!
I didn't get the exact count,
but I would say it only took
five good pushes
and Baby girl C. came out
a chubby little thing
at nine pounds, 13 ounces!
Almost ten pounds!
I got out the camera and snapped a few pics,
and then went to the "broiler pan"
while the peds nurses and docs checked her out
and Papa stayed next to Mama
for the rest of the delivery.

All of this happened in less than 3 hours.

It went by so fast,
that before we knew it,
while Papa went with the Baby to the nursery,
and I sat with Mama A alone in her room,
while she drank some juice,
and recovered awhile.
I asked her about how she was able
to stay so composed--
What did you think about while you were in labor;
while you were breathing?
I asked.

Mama A smiled.
" I imagined blowing
dandelion seeds and wishes for her."


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  1. I was just sailing along enjoying this lovely story when I got to the end.

    And that line from Mama A brought tears to my eyes.

    Thanks so much for sharing it with us. I love the beauty of that idea. More than love it.



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