Monday, January 4, 2010

All Scrubbed Up and Nowhere to Go

I went to bed last night,

with the feeling that

I would be getting a call.

Since Dani's birth last Wednesday,

and getting caught up on some sleep

and laundry

I was ready.

The call came at 3:14am

this morning.

I showered and put my scrubs on--

which let me just say

that I could wear my scrubs

every day for the rest of eternity,

no kidding.

They should not be called





So I went out to the BMW

and hoped it would start in

sub-below temperatures

and punched in the address

on my GPS

to send me in the right direction.

Well my GPS took me

on the scenic route...

seriously, I had to drive with my

brights on

in case wildlife poked out

on the snow-covered 2-lane backroad

I was driving.

I knew the area I was going to

and would've never taken

the way this GPS was guiding me,


you know,

it's 4 am at this time

and that little GPS voice

is coaching me along

and I decided to trust it.

It took me nearly 45 minutes

to get to the Mama's house,

where had I gone the way

I know,

it would've taken 20.

Mama A.'s dilated to 5cm

but isn't sure she wants a homebirth

this go-around with child number 5.

Their family just moved into this house,

they just adopted a toddler,


she homeschools

-- she is plum.wore.out.

I let the Midwife visit with Mama A.


Having a natural birth is as much

emotional as it is physical.

If Mama thinks she can

she can.

If Mama is too tired to think

then she needs other options.

While Mama A. is contemplating

her options,

I help pick up the house--

a little sweeping

a few dishes

fold some blankets

straighten couch cushions...

just to keep me busy

and awake.

Emily arrives--

I love it when she arrives to the births.

She has a great energy

and we balance each other really well.

Of course, I had to share Dani's birth,

and how wonderful that experience was

for me, for her, for mankind as I know it!

Mama A.'s mother-in-law arrives,

and Mama A.'s hubby relates that

Mama A.'s feeling like she'd rather

go to the hospital and have a medicated birth

than a home birth.

We all sympathize with her.

The Midwife checks her once more--

6cm dilated and stretchy.

She could do this very quickly

if she wanted.

But she's in bed

and she's tired and doesn't feel she can.

So we smile, hug and wish her well

as Emily and I pack up

hug the Midwife goodbye--

she'll be going with her to the hospital,

and drive home in our unused scrubs.

I'm home before the kids even

have to get up for school.

I greet the Boofus who slogs outta the bathroom

with sleepy eyes and bedhead--

"are you leaving for a birth Mom?", he asks.

"No, Scooter, just coming home from one."

Only I didn't have a birth this morning--

I would've loved to have been a part of a birth


but that wasn't my choice.

And this stuff happens once in awhile.

Not often,

I've certainly never had this--

but as the Midwife says,

We're so lucky we have choices in our country.

I glance at the clock,

it's 7:45am

Mama A. should be about ready to push

by now--

which means a new little baby girl

is about to take her first Colorado breath

this frosty December morning,

where it is just two degrees.

And I'm lounging around in my scrubs

with nowhere to go.

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