Monday, January 4, 2010

The Amazing Almost Waterbirth

Yesterday started out fairly ordinary...

kids left for school,

I cleaned the house.

Except that yesterday,

I cleaned a little deeper

than normal

knowing there are alot of


on the way

and I wouldn't have

a)the time to clean

b) the energy.

The rest of the day

was actually relaxing--

lunch with my BFF's

and ya know, the usual.

Then, around late-afternoon

I get the call.

You know the call, right?

After all these months,

you know what I"m saying

when I say

"the call"--

if not, go back to other posts

then come back here,

cuz even tho I could've told you

what "the call" means

it's really just the principal

of the thing now.

SO, THE Midwife:

"Mama M. thinks she is in early labor.

Contractions are about 10 minutes apart

and have been all morning. Just giving you a


We went to dinner over at Nan's house--

whose husband makes the best hamburgers

on the block, and she makes a wick'd potato salad---

which meant no cooking or clean-up for me!

Gotta love that!

Just as we were finishing up,

another call--

"we're heading up the Pass,

wanna meet us at such-and-such,

so we can go together?"

Now, "up the Pass" is referring

to the canyon

between Colorado Springs

and Woodland Park--

a beautiful touristy-town in the mountains--

elevation around 8000 feet.

I threw all the kids

into the car,

drove the kids home,

and headed up the Pass.

I met the other Midwives

in the appointed Parking Lot

and up we went...

Up Up Up!!

Into the dark rolling mountains

driving to get to our Mama M.

She is living an authentic Colorado lifestyle--

up in the mountains,

out in the middle of nowhere--

not in an urban neighborhood

with street signs and lights.


after a few pass-bys,



and the like,

we finally find the driveway

of what is Mama M.'s home--

it helped that her Mother

was at the end of said driveway,

in her car, lights on,

waving wildly

so we could see it!

That always helps, fyi.

G-Ma's first words:

"I'm sooo glad you gals are here!

I don't know what I'm doing."

Okay, so let me say that while I am

smiling, smiling, smiling--

I am actually thinking,

"Bears live up here. Watch out for hairy

moving objects, and make sure you run faster

than the other midwives."

You know that, right?

That you don't have to outrun a bear--

just the other person with you!

Anyway, that fear-factor

was actually very motivating as we

brought in all things

midwife/homebirth stuff--

we did it in two trips

which normally might take


Fear can be a wonderful motivator,

just sayin.

Mama M. is in the livingroom

wearing a bikini top and sarong

drinking her Aqua Pure

and smiling as we enter.

Her family is there too--

everyone's faces wearing the same

expressions: gratitude and wonder.

Time 7:30PM

Emily and I quickly set-up

while The Midwife

does an assessment of Mama M.

Again, it's the same things:

set-up the Birth area:

birth kit,

baby kit,

labor pool,

bed area.

In the kitchen:

slice up some fresh ginger

into the water-filled crockpot,

boil some water for instruments,

find bowls for cool water compresses

and for emesis, if needed.

Mama M. is 3 cm dilated--

but just after we get there,

her body starts working--

she's been waiting for us.

Waves begin coming 5

then 3

then 2 minutes apart.

I do counterpressure on her hips

which she loves

and requests for each contraction.

Emily is with Mama M. in front--


smoothing her forehead with finger massage,




"You are doing wonderful."

"That's right, great job."

"Perfect. Just let each wave go through you."

"Relax your face and jaw."

"Let go of your shoulders."

And on and on we go.

We become part of Mama M.'s birth ritual.

Even between waves,

I am effleuraging her shoulders

and back muscles,

and we take a walk around the dining table

to keep circulation going...

she is laboring standing up--

the perfect position for early labor

because each wave counts towards progression

as the baby's head is gently

pushed spot on the cervix.

Mama M. is leading us all...

where she walks

I am right behind...

we make it around the table twice

and then lean over the back of the sofa

with soft pillows to support

her as she leans over

and lets her belly hang

and releases all her will

over to her body's natural labor.

Once the wave is over,

we again circle the diningroom table


and back to the sofa--

over and over again.

Two hours later,

she is 5 cm dilated.

The Midwife says

one more cm and it's "pool time"...

waves are coming quicker

but not more than Mama M. can handle

with support...

just 15 minutes more

and she is ahhhhhh

in the warm water

relaxing all her muscles.

"This feels so great."

I am in a different role


tucked off to the side

I am not part of her ritual anymore--

hubby has stepped in,

supported by Emily and The Midwife.

I am charting every two minutes:

fetal heart tones

Mama's pulse, blood pressure,


All of it.

The water is therapeutic--

within minutes,

Mama M. says she wants to push...!


The Midwife checks...

yes! Nearly complete!

Mama M. can give little pushes

when she feels the need...

"I can't help it.", she says.

Just a couple more waves

and Mama M. is complete

and she is

pushing with each wave

as her body guides her along.

She gets a small

"rest and be thankful" phase--

she can talk eaily and express her needs--

she is laughing ather hubby's corny jokes.

She pushes and pushes

until the head is out!


But it's a tight squeeze

so The Midwife

wants her on the bed

to finish delivery..

the entire baby is delivered

two minutes


Time 11:00PM, sharp.

A beautiful son has taken his place in this little family

and their lives will never be the same.

Everything runs smoothly

with the afterbirth

and soon the sounds of a very happy

Mama M. are wafting from the bathroom

as she is showering:

"I seriously feel so great! This feels so good!"

Hubby expresses equal amazment:

"That was so fast! Is this a dream? It's really over?"

Yes, it is.

Time to pack up and head back down

the Pass...

Michael Buble' cranked up,

I'm headed Home.

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