Monday, January 4, 2010

A Full Moon Homebirth

~Birth is not only about making babies,
Birth is about making mothers--
strong, competent, capable mothers
 who trust themselves and know their inner strength.~
It's just after 5 am this morning.

I've been home from a birth for about 30 minutes.

Mr. W was getting tready to leave for work

just when I was coming upstairs.

I'm just glad I got to see him.

I wasn't here when he came home from work.

And I missed him.

So now, I am tired but awake with time to reflect.

The birth was beautiful.

First time Mom, at 37 years old,

labored so well. so confidantly.

Mostly in the labor pool

sometimes on the toilet

sometimes on her hands and knees

Always with her sweetheart near.

Towards the end

the delivery got intense--

a very big baby was on the way

and while the Midwife and Emily

worked on the birthing part of the Mom,

I was at her side,

talking to her quietly,

while she squeezed the life outta my hands

and her eyes penetrated my own with deep


"Am I okay?" her eyes asked mine.

"Yes, you're fine. You're almost done!" I answered outloud.

"Is my baby okay?" her gaze asked again.

"Your sweet baby girl is doing so well! She will be in your arms

before you know it!" I replied.

Labor is such hard work.

After the delivery,

Mom was in the bathroom,

while I stood nearby

in case she needed help--

I heard her voice crack a little and

poked my head around the corner--

Mom was feeling emotional,

little tears fell down her cheeks,

as she said to me,

"thank you so much. I couldn't have done it without you.

I didn't think I could keep going on, until I looked into your eyes.

Then I knew I could. Thank you."

I rubbed her shoulders and told her

that she is a very strong woman

and she could've and would've done

just fine in any case.

And that's the truth.

I drove home this morning

with a full moon shining above

my Rocky Mountains.

My heart is full.

NOW, I can go to sleep.


  1. I feel a book coming on...wonderful ! "Blurb" is a good and inexpensive site to publish a beauty of a book ! LOL

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  3. @Nonna: Thanks so much. I will look into it!


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