Friday, January 22, 2010

Little Man

It's 2:40am Friday morning.
Those "love hormones" are still goin strong
after a birth late last night.

The Midwife called around 8pm
to give me a heads-up
that sweet Mama S. was in labor.
It could be awhile tho
cuz this is her first baby.

So I got my doula bag together,
put on my scrubs
and lay in my bed with my eyes resting...
first births are usually pretty long
so I knew I'd better get a little rest
for the long night ahead.

The only problem was
my entire family was still very much
Nana and Daisie were downstairs
singing primary songs
The Caboose was in her room watching
"Spice Girls" circa 1998,
and Boofus was on the pc playing
some kind of game.
Mr W was watching "Burn Notice" in our room.

So I laid there
eyes shut
but not really resting.
Just after 9pm
the Midwife calls back,
"It's time to go!"
So I throw on my shoes
and am out the door and down the road.
I listen to "Delilah" on the way--
sucha cheesy show...
"I think I loved you before I knew you"
was playing.
I thought of this young couple
who are about to meet the newest love
of their lives...
then the "Titanic" song by Celine Dion
came on...
I don't know the name of it,
but I know the words--
so I sang them at the top of my lungs
zipping down I-25 South!

When I arrived,
sweet Mama S. is laboring on her bed,
very quietly
in the middle of a contraction wave.
I stand outside of the room
until it's over...
then I poke my head in,
smile and greet her,
"Hello, Beautiful."
She smiles back
with  a wink.
She is doing great.
Just breathing thru each wave.
The Midwife hasn't checked her yet,
and we both go out to the car
to get all of our supplies.

By the second trip in,
I got out my "cheat sheet" for the set-up,
and had just barely started the process
when I hear pure delight coming from
the bedroom,
it's the Midwife--
"You're Complete!"
Mama S. is dilated to ten already!
Oh boy! I moved as fast as I could
to get things set-up!
This was gonna go by super quick!

First thing,
get the instruments boiling.
get the baby blankets, hat, etc. on the heating pad
and crank it up!
set up the O2 tanks
and all the birth supplies...
I was seriously hauling my bahooey!

Emily arrived just in time
to get briefed by the Midwife,
slap on some gloves
and helped Mama S. sit up on the
birth stool.

Papa R. was at Mama S.'s side
and gently encouraged her along.
Mama S. gave a spontaneous push!
YES! her body is doing great work!
She hums thru most of the waves...
occasionally she looks up to me,
and I nod my head and smile
give her the "thumbs up" signal,
and she goes back to focusing
and listening to her
The Midwife and Emily
cheer and direct Mama S.'s pushes.
We want her to push effectively
so she doesn't waste alot of effort.

Just a few pushes
and we see the baby's head...
one more push
and the head--
along with the entire rest of the body
comes sliding out!
Time: 10:31!
We were there just 45 minutes!
Amazing! for a first-time Mom!

Cheering and laughter
fill the small room!
A son is born!
While waiting for the placenta to deliver,
we swaddle the baby and Mama holds her son
with support.
We tuck warmed blankets all around him
and once the placenta is delivered,
Mama lays down on the bed,
and Papa R. holds little man
skin to skin
for warmth.
Papa R. is glowing.
Positively glowing.
It is a privilege to watch.

The rest of our time is spent getting
Mama to drink, eat,
bathe, rest, nurse
drink some more.
Taking pictures of the new family.
Doing the newborn exam
and packing up to go.
Mama is spent.
She needs a long nap.
Papa's got little man in his arms--
few fathers melt into their sons
like this man.
His heart is offered to this new child
fully, completely.
Mama S. watches Papa dress little man,
and smiles,
"It's okay, you won't break him."
Papa takes his place on the bed
next to Mama.
Her head meets Papa's head
and they lean onto one another
with little man
between them.
Now, that is a picture!

Mama expresses her gratitude
to each of us
several times.

In my mind,
it's me who is the grateful one.
I am grateful that I got to be there
and feel all that endless love
permeating the room
and every fiber of my being!
It is as close to getting "high"
that I will ever know...
and I am completely addicted to it.

On the way home,
Black Eyed Peas song comes on...
"Tonight's gonna be a Good Night"...
oh yeah it was!!!


  1. That sounds perfect. Just perfect.


  2. My name is Bethany. I think the Midwife is my mom. Is that right? I think you don't like to use first names so I won't say it, but if so I can totally hear her voice when she says, "You're Complete." That is awesome.

  3. HI Bethany,
    Yes, the Midwife is your Mom! I love working with her so much!! I just came in from another birth about 10 minutes ago. Your Mom is a gift! Thanks for stopping by!


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