Monday, January 4, 2010

Full Circle Water Birth

1:54 AM

I got the call.

Scrubs on,

face washed,

hair reasonably brushed

so as not to scare anyone.

I grab my doula bag,

and kiss hubby goodbye.

I am in the car by


headed down to Fountain, CO.

for the birth.

The client, Molly M.*

is known for having short labors

and I'm just hoping I don't miss it.

There's absolutely no one on the


just me and ribbons of highway

bright city lights

and the crisp November air.

Of course,

I crank up Michael Buble'

like I do

so I can sing along

to his awesomeness!

It's November 13th...

Friday November 13th at that...

and it's not a bad luck day at all--

it's a wonderful day!

Ten years ago today,

I was the one in labor

at home

surrounded by my family

and giving birth--

The Midwife was there for me

that time--

breathing with me

encouraging me

as I labored in the pool.

Joseph was born at 7:11PM

this night

ten years ago...

and here I am this day

working alongside the same

Midwife for Molly M.

Talk about coming full circle...

thinking about it

releases a tear on my cheek

as I'm driving alone

reflecting on God's hand in my life.

I am where I'm supposed to be...

it took time to get here

but it is a sweet time in my life

the right season

for me to be doing what I'm doing.

All is well.

I arrive at Molly M.'s house

at half-past-two...

the house is quiet,

and I follow The Midwife

to Molly's M. room.

The scene is one of absolute tranquility:

lights are low,

candles are burning

classical music playing

Papa Bishop is timing her waves

while he sits on the bed

and Molly M. is standing

leaning over her birthball

breathing thru a wave.

After it passes,

she looks up and smiles

to greet us.

We return the smile

and head back out to begin the set-up.

Emily has arrived by now

and we do what we do best:

get. it. done!

We speak in whispers

so as not to awaken the other children

in the house,

and to honor the mood Molly & Bishop have


Once finished,

we meet in the kitchen

with The Midwife who relays

her assessment:

Molly is 6 cm dilated,

waves are 8 minutes apart,

but this momma's last birth

was a mere two hours

so when her body kicks in,

things will go fast.

Because Molly's sweet husband is attentive,

we remain in the livingroom

to give them space and intimacy

until we're called for--

they are are well-oiled machine

and we know better than to tamper with it.

Once Molly is 7 cm

she is in the labor pool

which she melts into like

warm butter on toast.

As long as Molly is comfortable

and laboring well,

our presence is subdued for now.

We even take turns resting,

two rest while one is awake.

Finally, at 6:20AM

I hear a vocalization from Molly...


The Midwife checks her--

Yes! nearly complete

her cervix is stretchy

n all we need is for the baby's head

to descend and finish dilation.

Molly stands between waves

to use gravity efficiently,

she rocks her pelvis

sways back and forth

and does squats

to encourage the baby to get into


During waves

she is relaxed in the pool...

to look at her you would never know she is

in transition...

she is still,

focused on letting

her body guide her

and following the path

of creation.

She was born for this.

She lets out a low moan

and we know she is pushing

one more contraction

and we see the baby's head--

face up, posterior!--

one more and Molly brings

her child up out of the water

with her own hands

and holds her son to her


Softly she whispers:

"Hello, Baby!", she greets

this new love in her life.

The kids all file in

to get a look at their new brother...

Molly gazes up at Bishop

with love-filled eyes

his eyes return the same.

Time: 7:14 AM.

I head home

for a shower

a nap

and a birthday celebration.


What a beautiful day.

*Molly is the given nickname for the client by her husband.

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