Monday, January 4, 2010

Third Home Birth in a Week!

No sooner had I gotten home Friday,

than the call came that our overdue Mama B.

thought she might be in labor.

I was plum.wore.out.

The Midwife said she'd call me

when Mama B.'s waves were to the point

that we needed to get up there

to Littleton, CO.

I wanted to go back to bed

but it was now 4:30Pm

and Joseph's bday,

so I dragged my bum up...

thank goodness for a supportive family tho--


Diana & her bf, Little Man went and got the

German Chocolate cake & ice cream

--Joseph's favorite,

and Mr. Wonderful picked up Papa Murphy's pizza

on his way home from work.

Some of Joseph's friends came over to celebrate

and have a sleepover.

I went to back to bed at 8:30pm

Craving some more sleep.

The call came at exactly 3 AM...

since the birth was taking place in Littleton,

the Midwife and I would ride together.

Emily, the other Assistant

would not be joining

us on this birth.

Which sorta freaked my guts out

a tiny smidge.

Emily is amazing & sharp.

I wondered if I could fill her shoes

but decided I could just do my best

and hoped that was enough.

So I jumped in the shower

and Mr. W got up with me,

kissed me goodbye

and off I went with The Midwife.

Approx. 4:45AM

Mama B.'s labor was consistent

but dragging

when we arrived...

The Midwife gave her some

Labor Enhancer herbs

which wasn't as effective on her as we'd hoped.

Then some castor oil--

which I am just gonna say

would probably make me lose it--

as in upchuck;

but Mama B. chugged it down,

chased it with OJ

and even said it wasn't that bad.


It was a very special day

in their house--

it was her daughter's 2nd birthday!

Yes that's right--both of her children

have the same birthdate!

Waves picked up

but still not increasing in intensity

so The Midwife pulled out her bag of tricks


we told her to rest as much as possible

so she piled pillows all around her,

put on her ipod music

we gave her some positive affirmations

to contemplate while she rested,

we shut her door and headed to breakfast

in town...

Mama B.'s mother and sister (aka the girls)were in town

for the birth from Waco, Texas..

they were anxious

for this birth to happen

before they had to return.

Along with Mama B., Papa K.,

the girls all laid down in our absence.

When we came back,

everyone was up except for Mama B.--

but she surfaced

at 10:30AM,

looking refreshed

and waves began coming

every 2 minutes!


Papa K. put on Enya music

and then Mama B. led the way!

She sat on a birthing ball

with her belly overhanging,

ate some chicken noodle soup

and then asked if i would do her one favor,

"Will you put a can of Dr. Pepper in the freezer for me,

for afterwards?"

She continued to labor on the birthball

or standing

as she leaned on the back of her sofa

until she felt like she was in transition...

The Midwife checked her

and yes she was!

SO into the labor pool she went!

About that time,

it started snowin too--

so how cool was that?

Papa K was attentive

always always always

sweet words & attitude,

effleuraging her arms

counter-pressure on her sacrum

whatever she needed

he was there for her.

They made a really great team.

Mama B. was so in tune with her body;

she would tell us when she felt

a particular contraction had made a difference

in her cervix...

to look at her,

one would never know she was

ready to push--

until she let out a low grunt

and her body began spontaneously


She tried several different pushing




hands and knees

reclining in her hubby's arms---

all that moving helped

the baby to come down easily

and finally his noggin appeared

and with the next couple of pushes

little J.'s body followed!

Time 1:30PM.

It was quite the celebration

of joy & tears!

She did it

and it was perfect!

And what a chunky monkey he was!

Oh my! Round little noggin, chubby cheeks,

chubby neck, chubby chubby chubbiness!!

His weight 9lbs. 5 oz.!

Mama B. delivered the placenta

and was ready to get out of the pool

and get cleaned up.

She was a little concerned that she might

get light-headed

so we gave her some string cheese

and drink

and told her to take her time.

I also smiled and told her

I'm too old to pick her up

so she'll have to make it to the bed--lol.

ANd of course, she did just fine.

Within an hour,

she was laying in bed

and had her Dr. Pepper

and her laptop--

posting her great news

on Facebook!!

Within an hour!

That is how young people do it these days

I guess.

I quickly packed things up

as a huge snowstorm was in progress

and we needed to get back to the Springs

before the roads got too icy.

So we tucked the family in

said our goodbyes

and left with hearts so full of gratitude

for our 3rd safe home birth this week!

I have one more left--

my grandson is due this week.

I can hardly wait to meet this

sweet little boy!

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